Infinity Pool

A wonder at water’s edge

Immersed in the intense blue of the infinity pool you’ll feel like you’re floating on the lake, in the comfort of water that’s always the perfect temperature, in any season, for the water heating system. 6 jacuzzi areas welcome you and lull you into deep relaxation, with a one-of-a-kind view on all sides. And after sunset the mood becomes even more evocative, thanks to underwater pool lamps that shine a magical light on your evenings.

Solarium and Cocktail bar

Relax and privacy

Relaxing in the sun while admiring the lake, lounging on a comfortable sunbed in total privacy. Sipping a delicious cocktail after a refreshing dip in the pool. Enjoying a snack, a cold dish, or one of the restaurant’s specialities. Or looking forward to the evening for a romantic toast under the stars. Simple and designer décor, natural materials, plants, and a continuous glass parapet to make sure you always have a breathtaking view. Your special garden, with an atmosphere that you can bask in.

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