Pet Friendly

 Dog and cats are welcome with us!

Ah Porticcioli Boutique Apartments Resort is happy to welcome all guests who wish to bring their pets with them. More and more people are deciding to travel with their pets and let them experience the excitement of getting to know new places, so you will be welcomed with the best comforts and attention to make you have a pleasant experience. At the reception, on your arrival, you will find a dog bar station available, with fresh water and welcome cookies.

In the Apartment

Our apartments have large balconies on which your pets can safely relax; you will also find a welcome kit for dogs and a welcome kit for cats, with a welcome gift. You will be provided with a notice to hang on the outside of the front door to indicate that your pet is inside the apartment/room alone, to let our service staff know not to come in and disturb them.

In Structure

On our rooftop area pets are welcome: here you will find water bowls and cooling mats on request, for free use. Access for our furry friends is allowed in throughout the resort and restaurant, with the exception of the area surrounding the pool, always accompanied by their human companion. Our resort is a perfect starting point for relaxing walks to discover the surrounding area, and a few walking minutes away is a stretch of free beach reserved for our animal buddies for a refreshing swim in complete freedom!

Dog Resort
Dimora Re Barbuto
can welcome them in

Among the services dedicated to them, the Dog Resort Dimora Re Barbuto can welcomethemvin a beautiful historic farmhouse surrounded by green areas, for a day of relax, runs and games supervised by qualified, trustworthy and loving staff (service on request for a free).

A daily surcharge is required for our pets: a small fee to ensure and guarantee them the best possible service (in case of two dogs/two cats, an additional final fee is required for a deeper sanitisation).

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